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In the years before AmeriSport (1978-1984), Kirk Evans owned Auto Exotica Inc, a company that specialized in all types of restoration and extensive customization of cars.  In the later years, Auto Exotica started specializing entirely on Panteras with some Italian sports cars as "filler work".


The next endeavor was AmeriSport which was founded in 1984 and Kirk owned through 1990.  During that time, the company imported bodies and assembled the GT5-S cars in the US.  AmeriSport also homologated many direct-import (also known as "grey-market") Panteras.


Kirk left Pantera life in 1994 and started back again in 2001 due to prodding from Pantera International (Dave Adler) and his wife, Robin, who recognized that something was missing from not being involved in the Pantera world.


If you would like more information, a 30 minute AmeriSport History DVD is available.  The DVD includes a brief history of how AmeriSport was conceived, the promo sales tape created for AmeriSport's customers in the 1980s, a test by Motorweek at Pocono speedway, 2 news stories (CNN & NBC), and pictures of several creative projects from the 1990s (including a full scale, all composite Lamborghini V-12 engine that looks completely real but weighed only 30 pounds).  Also included are copies of six articles about AmeriSport, Kirk, and these amazing cars! 

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